Monday, August 31, 2009

How it all begins.

Kate wakes up before the sun comes up and won't fall back to sleep.
After lots of screaming, she finally falls back to sleep in our bed upstairs.

But, now I'm awake.

And, so is David.

He's had an accident and is soaked.

I had carried just-back-to-sleep Kate downstairs and put her in her room to help David clean up, so now she is back awake again as well.

I am getting myself a cup of coffee and hear the stool in the bathroom moving. I go to investigate and find Kate standing in the toliet with a book, fully dressed. "pooh potty" she tells me.

I set out to make breakfast. While doing this, Harry (our puppy) pees on the carpets I just cleaned last night and poops on the stairs to our bedroom.

And, that's how today begins.