Sunday, October 3, 2010


A question I ask the kids a lot lately, when they are asking and nagging and demanding and pleading and pestering and pleasing:

"How many hands does mommy have?"

The usual response in a chorus of "2" (although Kate sometimes says 10. I think she might get confused with fingers)

David responded tonight with: "41. That way you can get everything done all at once."

Friday, October 1, 2010

trying not to get carried away ...

okay, so I am just going to come out with it.
David. can. read.

(dramatic pause for the awesomeness of this revelation to sink in)

The first book that he read? "Watch me throw the ball" by Mo Willems.

Now, he couldn't read all the words, I helped with the trickier ones. (Two vowel sounds together are stumpers.)

And, now I am trying not to get carried away. I have a mental pile of books ... ones I loved as a child, ones I loved as an adult. What will he think when he reads Charlotte's Web or the Borrowers or the Big Friendly Giant? What books will he love? And then the Hobbit. And Harry Potter. Pride and Prejudice. Galapagos. the Sandman series.

so many doors opened

and, I am trying not to get carried away. not yet at least.