Tuesday, November 19, 2013


The mornings are usually pretty hectic, no matter how organized or prepared I think I am.

Lunches need to made, library books gathered, plans for after school made.

Because of this, I trust the kids to get dressed themselves in the mornings.

Kate's outfits are usually .... unique. I usually don't argue too much about it. Except for the day she wanted to wear three skirts and her orange fish-net stockings. Or the one day she wanted to wear shorts over jeans. Today is all peace signs. It even sort of matches.

David is the easy one. A reminder about changing his underwear is needed, but otherwise it's pants (or shorts as soon as the weather hits 65) and a t-shirt.

I think that's why I was so surprised this morning.

The bus came a couple minutes early and the kids were getting ready to board. I turned to say goodbye, but instead, this came out:

Me: David, what are you wearing!
David: blank stare
Me: You're pants are dirty!

No, not dirty. Filthy. Gross. Disgusting. Covered in grass and mud and leaves and food and who knows what else.

Me: Want to go in and change. I can drive you ...
David: They're clean. They're fine.

And he got on the bus.

I'm resisting the urge to bring him a clean pair to school.

Reminders for tomorrow: No fish net tights. Only one skirt. Clean underwear. Clean pants.

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