Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Kate and I were off to ice cream on Saturday night.
She needed to change her clothes again.
I threw on a t-shirt.

Kate finished changing her clothes, turned and looked at me.

"Are you going to change your clothes? Is that what you are wearing?"

I get these visions sometimes of 16 year old Kate.
(lord, help us all)

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Davids first day of T-ball was Saturday.
Our instructions were to be on the field by 8:30am to pick our team, but had plans to meet a friend there a little early, around 8:15am, to make sure we got on the same team.
David and Mike were dressed, breakfasted and ready to leave the house by 7:30am.

We were one of the first cars in the parking lot.

David and Ryan joined the Nationals.
They got "official" t-shirts and hats.
(fun fact: David has only taken his hat off to sleep at night)

Team selection was followed by some chaotic opening day ceremonies.

And then practice.

The boys practiced catching, fielding, hitting, running the bases.

Mike helped the 2 coaches with the boys - directing them where to go, how to hold their gloves, reminding them to pay attention to the ball.

Kate and I sat on the sidelines with some of the other parents.

(Baseball is sort of a big deal in our house.)

As we were walking back to the car after practice, we talked about the drills David was learning, the new friends he made on his team, how much fun he had.

"You were great out there today, David. It looked like you had a fun time!"

I turned to my husband, who had been quiet most of the way back to the car.

"I think Daddy had a good day today too."

Mike smiled.
(fun fact: Mike doesn't really smile.)
"Yes," he said "I had a good day today too."