Sunday, April 15, 2012

Curiosity killed the cat, you know

We've lived in our house for almost 6 years now. It is also the first house Mike and I have ever owned.

We aren't super handy when it comes to home repairs. And all those years ago when we were looking for our first home, we didn't want a house that needed a lot of time, money, effort, labor, work in general.

The house we bought seemed to fit that criteria.

Funny thing about that, though:

1. Our house is old. Not 1880s old, but 1950s old. And things wear a bit over time and need to be replaced, fixed, etc.

2. The previous owners fancied themselves handy. Like super handy. But, alas, they were not. Not at all.

The previous owners daydreams of handiness has proven to be troublesome. There's a lot about our house that seems weird or oddly constructed. Usually when we look into fixing the oddity, we uncover something the previous owners "fixed!" or "made!"

A lot of it we fix as we go along, like the super glued molding.

A lot we ignore for the time being, like the sink in the basement bar that's missing pipes to drain it (it currently drains to a bucket. Why they would put in a really nice bar with a sink that doesn't drain sort of baffles me).

Somethings have to be dealt with immediately, like replacing the 1950s cloth wiring that they ran on the basement floor to provide electricity to the finished part of the basement. It was smoking. And sparking.

So, this should come as no surprise:

This is our hall closet that I put shelves into this weekend. The closet and front door to our house are in sort of awkward positions. And the floor slopes funny by the closet. And the front door never really seemed finished.

There's a large piece of particle board that's been screwed into the wall. I decided to unscrew and see, just for giggles, what was behind it.

It was a large, gaping hole filled with insulation.


I didn't get all the screws out, but it was pretty obvious that is was a large, gaping hole filled with insulation.

We think it must have been a window at one point. And the closet was and door were probably added on at some point. Which would explain a lot about that part of the house.

We firmly secured the large piece of particle board back into place.

That's going to be mentally filed under things I'm going to ignore for the time being.

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