Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Some things I've learned about 5am

1. It's dark. And cold. And dark. And cold.

2. No amount of caffeine can give 5 am any sort of rose colored tint. It's fucking 5 am.

3. David and Kate are chipper, excited, happy, ready and willing participants in all that 5 am has to offer.

I'm not sure that they are my children.

And, it might be a long day.

(the freaking sunrise)

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Things you don't want your car to say to you

So, I have a new car.

We've been working on our relationship.
He automatically locks the doors for me - a bit annoying, but we are working through it. I probably shut the doors a bit harder than needed. He'll have to deal.

Yesterday was our first real time driving in the snow together.

It wasn't the best experience for either of us.
A couple of turns that I sort of slid into, a couple of weird shimmies.

I noticed as I was sliding out of my driveway, that an "ESC" light pops up on my dashboard.

Um, what? Escape? Is that what "ESC" stands for?

Is the escape warning meant for me or my car?

Is it a command for my safety? An, "oh darling, please vacate the vehicle immediately for I fear I am unable to make this turn without sliding."

Or is it more of a plea for his own? "Escape! Escape! Please, please park me back in the garage where it is warm and safe."

Either way, my car is a wuss.

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