Tuesday, November 19, 2013


The mornings are usually pretty hectic, no matter how organized or prepared I think I am.

Lunches need to made, library books gathered, plans for after school made.

Because of this, I trust the kids to get dressed themselves in the mornings.

Kate's outfits are usually .... unique. I usually don't argue too much about it. Except for the day she wanted to wear three skirts and her orange fish-net stockings. Or the one day she wanted to wear shorts over jeans. Today is all peace signs. It even sort of matches.

David is the easy one. A reminder about changing his underwear is needed, but otherwise it's pants (or shorts as soon as the weather hits 65) and a t-shirt.

I think that's why I was so surprised this morning.

The bus came a couple minutes early and the kids were getting ready to board. I turned to say goodbye, but instead, this came out:

Me: David, what are you wearing!
David: blank stare
Me: You're pants are dirty!

No, not dirty. Filthy. Gross. Disgusting. Covered in grass and mud and leaves and food and who knows what else.

Me: Want to go in and change. I can drive you ...
David: They're clean. They're fine.

And he got on the bus.

I'm resisting the urge to bring him a clean pair to school.

Reminders for tomorrow: No fish net tights. Only one skirt. Clean underwear. Clean pants.

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Witches and ghosts and goblins, oh my!
Flew through the night of a Halloween sky
Looking for children of just the right size
to bake, boil, saute and fry

So children be warned of the pieces you eat
of that delicious chocolate you get
when you say "trick or treat"

by: jen mitchell

Monday, March 11, 2013


Kate: Mom, have you ever been to California?
Me: Yes.
Kate: I bet every one there eats cotton candy all the time. I think maybe even for breakfast. It's magical there.

Kate: Even without a bad guy, weddings can be difficult.

Kate: Do fish get married?
Me: No.
Kate: Then how do they have babies. Husbands and wives have to kiss for babies to be born, don't you know that? Wait. How do the fish kiss?
Me: Um. Well. So. The girl fish lay eggs, and then the boy fish help them take care of them. They are just fish, they don't do things like people.
Kate: Well, they do they live together in the tank forever and ever. I think that's okay.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

When I rule the world

David has decided that he is going to be the President of the United States when he grows up.

We were discussing his coming Presidency at dinner the other night.

Me: Will you make any new rules when your President?
David: Everyone will have to play video games for an hour and a half everyday.
Me: Have to? Like a law?
David: Yes, playing video games everyday will be law.
Me: What happens if they don't play video games everyday?
David: They'll go to jail. (Cue evil 7 year old laugh)

I would start investing in some video games.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

One of my favorite things

The first half of the year, I was up by 7am, showered and dressed by the time the kids woke up.

The second half:

I'm throwing my coat over my pajamas to wait with David for the bus.

It's nice being a stay at home mom.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Movie Night

Movie Night Rules:

1. There must be popcorn, soda and juice.
2. Movie picking order: Dad, David, Kate, Mom
3. Absolutely no crying or complaining over the movie choice. Crying gets you sent right to bed and you forfeit your next choice.
4. The movie we watch can not be one we have seen before.
5. Everyone has to be there.

I'm not sure when exactly movie night started, sometime last spring I think.
But, it has become a ritual in our house.

Last night was Kate's night to pick. I thankfully had one bag of popcorn left. It's not a real movie night unless Rule #1 is followed.

Rule #4 came about because we were constantly watching the same movies when it was the kids turns, over and over and over. Kate would choose Caillou Christmas. And, honestly if I had to watch Caillou one more time, I was just going to snap.

It took her about an hour last night to pick. She and I went through Netflix after dinner and watched trailers of anything that sounded good to her. She decided on Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue.

And that's why Rule #3 came into existence. David immediately announced that he wasn't going to watch. I reminded him of the rule.

"That's fine. You can go right to bed and we'll skip you on your next turn."

David decided to watch the fairy movie.

To be honest, I sort of wanted to go to bed too rather than watch Tinkbell rescue anything. But, my turn is next (Rule #2) and picking the movie is a pretty big deal.

Movie night movies are hit or miss. My last pick was Men in Black. We still talk about what a disaster that was.

Tinkbell and the Great Fairy Rescue was a hit. It was a cute movie. Really. Even Mike laughed.

The best part of movie night, of course, is that we all snuggle up on the couch to watch. And share a big bowl of popcorn. And laugh, and cry, or, on occasion, even shout at the tv.


Which is why Rule #5 is the most important.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

I got 99 posts, but this ain't one

No, this ain't.
This is officially my 100th blog post.
I feel like there should be some fanfare. Or fireworks.

I've been procrastinating this post for some time now. Like, maybe 6 months.

Or so.

I wanted it to be special.

Some sort of brilliant, poetic, witty, funny, charm filled treatise on my life as told through the most amazing, magnificent event in my life.
But, it became a problem.
What event to use? Was it charming enough? Magnificent enough?

Which brings me to:

Blog Post 99.5: The Unassisted Triple Play

For those non-baseball fans, an unassisted triple play is when a defensive player gets all three outs in an inning all by himself. It has happened 15 times in baseball history. It's super rare.

Mike and I were at the last one that happened, August 23, 3009, Phillies vs. Mets.
And, the thing is, I barely remember it.

A friend posted a link to the game, way back in the fall, on Facebook. And I had actually had to think about it. I sort of remember it. I had a conversation with him about it, and he couldn't believe that I couldn't really remember it.

Mike and I had been looking for treats to bring home to the kids, when we heard the crowd. I think the Mets were trying to rally a come back. Mike says we watched it on the televisions in the store, but I just don't really remember. I do sort of remember the hush of the crowd after. (It just had to be against the Phillies)

It just wasn't the best game that I had ever been too.

The best game was the second to last game ever played at Shea. Johan Santana was pitching. The Mets had to win that game, and the next one, and a couple other teams had to lose for the Mets to make it into the playoffs. Our seats were so high up, I would get dizzy every time I stood. But, I was on my feet cheering and jumping up and down every out of those last couple innings. Johan pitched the whole game and the Mets won.

The next day they lost, imploded really.

That game was insignificant, in the grand scheme of things. It wasn't the last game at Shea. Nothing historically exciting happened. Johan pitched all nine innings, but that happens a couple times usually through out a season.

And, it was awesome.

Mike and I hugged the last out of the ninth inning. We high-fived our neighbors. I remember what the people around us looked like, and the sounds of the crowd, Mike's expression that last out.

In my quest to find the perfect moment, I missed all the others that came in between.
The laughs and the smiles, as well as the tears. The ups and downs that have made up these past 6 months.
Like David's new found love of sharks, and Calvin and Hobbes. Kate's tantrums and need to perform.

These small things, these are the ones I remember.
And will remember.

So, my hundredth post came without fanfare.
Or fireworks.
Or grand, magnificent moments.

But, maybe life, life means a little bit more.

This post is dedicated to my loyal following (seriously, how cool is it that I have a loyal following), especially you Joanie.