Sunday, June 24, 2012


Mike was having the kids pick up the basement. It's a disaster. And the two of us are a bit sick of tripping over all the kids toys.

Kate came up from the basement stomping her feet.

Kate: It's not fair. You're the boss, but daddy's acting like it. Tell him that I don't want to pick up.

Oh, the things Kate will say to get out of cleaning.

I have nightmares about what her teenage years will be like.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Same point, different view

Our house is a cape, which simply means that the kids bedrooms are downstairs, ours is upstairs.

It's nice and not nice. It's nice having some kid free space, but I miss having us all on one floor.

Our first summer in the house, David was just a couple months old. And he would wake up so early in the mornings. We would get him from downstairs and sit him between the two in front of a window at the head of our bed. And he would sit there, content looking up at the trees, while we motivated ourselves to get out of bed.

This morning, David woke up really early. Well, early for me. I told him to get a bit more sleep. He came back about 15 minutes later and climbed into bed with me.

Me: Just 10 more minutes, okay David.
David: okay

He was laying and looking up through the window at the trees. It reminded me of that first summer.

I don't know that a picture would ever really do it justice. The quiet of the moment, the light reflecting off his eyes, the branches of the trees creating a shadow across his face.

But, it's those moments as a parent that you can always recall.

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

This door is always open

"Logic will get you from A to Z; Imagination will get you every where else." - Albert Einstein

I'm not sure if you know this or not. And, I fear I may be warning some of you too late.
To think of the danger (danger!) lurking in the most unexpected, surprising of places!

There are sharks that inhabit the river that separates the children's room from the rest of the library.

Now, thankfully, there is a bridge and stepping stones to help one cross. I have seen many an adult though forgo these safe routes and venture across the river.

Kate and I were at the library the other day and came to the crossing in question.

Kate: Mom! Wait! The sharks!
Me: Should I take the bridge?
Kate: No, I brought my magic wand. When I do this (waves wand around) it will make our shoes magic and we can walk across the water without the sharks getting us.
Me: I'm a little nervous. Are you sure I won't sink into the water?
Kate: Watch. (waves her wand and steps out onto the water). See?
Me: Thanks Kate.

And I was able to cross without incident.

And we were able to pick out some books from the children's room.

On the way out of the children's room we encountered a bit of trouble.

Kate: Oh-oh.
Me: What's up?
Kate: I lost my wand. I thought I put it here (pats her skirt). But it's not there. Maybe it fell out.
Me: Oh-oh.
Kate: Did you bring a wand?
Me: I forgot mine.
Kate: We can't cross.
Me: Let's take the bridge.

We took the bridge and sort of had to leap from the end onto the purple and green squares.
Sometimes the sharks know when you forget your wand and wait at the end of the bridge for you to fall in.

I'm glad Kate was with me to help me see the sharks and get me across.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How to know you are clean enough

We recently replaced our hot water heater.

I don't think I realized how far gone our hot water heater had been -- until I took a shower. A nice, long, hot wonderful shower.

I usually try to sneak one in before the kids wake up, but I'm not a morning person and my first thought is "coffee", not "uninterrupted shower". So, showers end up being quick so we can get wherever it is we are going.

So, last week, with our glorious new hot water heater, I was probably taking my time a bit. And both children were awake. The door was open, and I could hear their whispers and giggles.

David came in the bathroom first laughing.

And threw cold water on me in the shower.
(editors note: I may have taught them this trick.)

Kate followed soon after and did the same.

Both missed, and I play acted being cold and appalled.


That might have been a mistake.

What followed next was a steady barrage of cold water.

I decided I was clean enough.

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