Monday, March 28, 2011

an ode to the internet

David randomly asked me on the way to school today if there were 72 suns.


No, there is just one sun I explained.

"How is it day time in all different places then?"

We skype with my brother and sister-in-law in Seattle quite a bit, so I can understand the confusion.

I tried explaining to him how it all worked. I was driving at the time ... I thought I did an okay job. Until he asked, "So, then there are 8 suns - one for each planet?"

"No, just one sun .... "

"So, there are just 8 planets and 1 sun in the sky?"

(insert light bulb over mom's head)

"When you get home today lets look it up on the internet together. Maybe we can find some pictures to help explain it a bit better."

oh internet - how do I love thee
you make me seem smarter
than I'll ever be

Thursday, March 24, 2011

the apple doesn't fall far ...

I remember as a kid, my mom asking me to get my brothers for dinner, or whatever ...
They would be upstairs in their room and I would be downstairs.
I would go to the bottom of the stairs and yell up to them.

Mom: "Jennifer, I could have done that. Go upstairs and get them."

Today, lunch was at the table and so was Kate.
I asked Kate to tell David that lunch was ready.
Our house is a bit different - it's a cape, so the kids bedroom are on the first floor.
So, Kate assumed she really didn't even have to move from the table.

I laughed and before I could even stop the words, they were coming out of my mouth ...
"Katelynn, I could have done that."

Monday, March 21, 2011

It's Art?

David and Kate just performed an amazing story for me.
I thought I'd share.

Let me set the scene for you ....

Picture a giant tower, containing many princesses.

David as the narrator, tells the story of Elmo, the monster who was looking for such a tower.
Elmo knocks it down, finds the tiny princesses in hiding and eats them.

(the best was Kate, jumping up and down beside me, "He missed a princess. Oh, he got it - eat her!!")

It ends with Elmo, having eaten all the princesses, dying.

I've been told that part 2 is being staged as we speak.

Monday, March 14, 2011

my favorite thing about the weekends

I always look forward to weekends.
Yes, it's nice to relax.
Yes, it's nice to not be rushing off somewhere.

What's really nice though is having an extra set of hands around the house.
Someone to help with the constant-ness of children.

We have a first floor shower.
During the week, I usually pop on a tv show in the morning for David and Kate so I can quickly shower.
As soon as I get in, it usually starts.
"Mom, I need a drink ..."
"Mom, Kate is bugging me ... "
"Mom, David stole my blanket ... "
"Mom, .... "
"Mom. Mom. Mom."

My response is usually something like, "Can I just have 5 minutes. I will be right out."

Yesterday, Sunday, a lovely weekend day ... I had just stepped in the shower when I heard banging on the door.

Kate: "Mom, I need you. MOM. MOM. I really neeeeeeeeed you."
Me: "What it is Kate?"
Kate: "Can I have some pink milk?"
(this is my favorite part coming up)
Me: "Could you maybe ask Daddy to get it for you Kate? I think he's right in the kitchen."


So. I still get pestered. And that's okay.
But, it's nice to not feel completely responsible, if only for a couple minutes.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

by default

Kate woke up screaming last night.
She had a nightmare about spiders crawling all over her, her bed.
She wouldn't go back in her room.
In my still sort of asleep stupor, I actually thought for a second that maybe there were spiders all over her bed.


I hate spiders.
Truly, seriously hate spiders.

And now Kate is having nightmares about them.

I try so hard to keep my own fears and anxieties from my children, but I just can't help them seeping out.

Of course, I put on my brave face ... but, approaching the spiders we occasionally find in the house for squishing and removal is done tentatively.

And. As freaked out as I get by spiders, its something I can solve.
I can physically remove her fear.
I can point out, when she awakes from a nightmare, that there are no spiders in her room crawling all over her.

Now, David has not inherited my fear of spiders. Or snakes (don't get me started on snakes ... ).

David has had a lot of anxiety lately - new things, old things. He seems to want to avoid places with lots of people, especially people he isn't familiar with.

Which is one of my anxieties as well. And I see the emotions in him. And remember the emotions in me. And I wonder if I encouraged the anxiety in him without realizing it.

And I don't know how to fix it.
I can't squish his fears and remove them from the house.