Thursday, April 29, 2010

oooh! a piece of candy!

I know. Two posts in one day.

Just a couple things that have made me laugh or smile the past couple weeks that I don't want to forget ....

(oooh a numbered list!)

1. We are all sitting at the dinner table.
David: My balls are sore.
Me: what?
David: My balls are sore. I was playing with them today. I have balls in my balls.
Me: ....
Mike: Sometimes if we squeeze them too hard they hurt.

2. Kate while eating ice cream on a mom & Kate day
"It's yummy in my tumbly"
She wanted to try some of mine. I gave her a bite. She wanted me to try hers. She takes a huge scoop and shoves it in my mouth. "we are sharing!" says Kate.

3. Kate while playing with her Barbies
"It's okay. Mommy's here."
As she kisses them and puts them to bed.

4. Kate is laying on the couch, hysterical because she is going to have to use the nubulizer.
David: "It's okay Kate. You are so brave. Remember in the doctors office. You can be brave again."

5. Getting into the car for school
Kate: David will you help me?
David: Yes Kate
He opens the door for her. I was in the foyer grabbing backpacks and coats.
I come out into the garage to find them both in the car.
Kate tells me David helped her get her leg up.

6. Sitting on the couch between David & Kate, who is hopped up on steroids at the time.
Kate: (leaning over me to talk to David) Mommy doesn't love you.
Me: I love you both Kate. You are both my babies.
Kate: (in a nasty voice) David looks like a baby.

growing pains

We came home from school today and David immediately walks in the door, takes off his coat, takes off his shoes, takes off his socks, takes off his pants, takes off his underwear. And, then puts on shorts.
Today he wanted to put a T-shirt on as well.
He was able to take his long sleeved shirt off and picked out a T-shirt from his drawer.
But, just couldn't seem to manage to get his shirt on the right way. The picture always ended up on his back.

He tried with a couple different shirts.

He would get so frustrated ...

the tears would start

He would ask for help. So, I tried helping him - showing him how by putting a t-shirt on as well, explaining what he had to do. But, he really didn't want my help.

He would get so frustrated ....

In the end he ended up with a T-shirt on, picture on the front. He came out of his room with it on and into the kitchen where I was sitting, my face lit up, words of praise ready. He read my expression and whimpered a "no mom." A hug was okay though.

I wanted so much to be able to help him this afternoon. Part of me just wanted to do it for him. He was so frustrated and so upset. I could have put the shirt on him. And, he kept asking me for help. But, he really didn't want it. He would go in his room and close the door to keep me out. And, come out with the tears welled up in his eyes when it was on backwards. Again.

The attempts and failures. (i just want to help).

I remember thinking of how big he was getting.
I remember thinking how hard it was to watch and not do.

But, he did it. All by himself.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

It was a good day

I can't seem to remember what my definition of a "good" day was before David & Kate.
I remember having good days, but somehow it all seems a bit silly.
The importance we put on "things" and "stuff" ...

Some days, in the current way of thinking, a good day consists of:
1. getting dressed
2. eating

Other ways, on other days, it might be an actual event ... sharing an ice cream with Kate, getting everyone to sleep and in bed without any fussing and fighting, playing light sabers with David.

If I can just manage to eek out that one moment during the day where I think in my head "this is what it's (whatever it is that "it" really is) all about, " I usually consider it a good day.

Almost every day, at some point, we talk about our favorite things that happened that day. I started having them occasionally draw a picture (Kate) or write a word (David) on an index card that we've made into a book to illustrate what it was that made that day good. Sometimes its the obvious ... someone came to play, a trip to the playground or library.

.... And, sometimes it's unexpected:

David drew a picture of a person with a light saber.
We didn't play light sabers that day.

He knows, he tells me. But, daddy told him tomorrow was Saturday and they could play light sabers outside because he would be home from work. And, the anticipation of the next day becomes his favorite thing.

And my good day.