Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's my fat girl

Kate no longer takes a nap.

So, to say that the past couple weeks around here have been rough is probably an understatement.

Most of the day goes by in a bit of a whirl wind - trying to keep the kids active, busy, entertained and from trying to kill each other and of course all the other stuff that goes into the day ...

And, most of the day goes pretty well. We have the occasional melt down and they still do take the occasional nap.

Most of the day until dinner.

Dinner is usually the worst part of any day. By 5:30 - 6pm David and Kate (and Mike) are usually exhausted and short fused. They are also fantastically picky eaters, so, trying to figure out something for dinner and getting them to eat it isn't fun.

I don't want to two meals at dinner. But, I have to be realistic - do I really expect them to eat steak fajitas? I try to get them to at least try whatever it is that Mike and I are eating. But, even that some days turns into an ordeal - David crying, Kate crying ... And, I don't want that either. I don't want dinner time to be something negative.

But, tonight. Tonight was different. Tonight was fantastic.

Dinner went well, David even tried the sweet and sour chicken I made. We talked about our days. And laughed.

At one point during dinner, Kate started yelping. We reminded her that there was no yelling at the dinner table.

"It's my fat girl. It's my fat girl."
more screams.
"It's my fat girl."

Oh, Kate ... it's your echo.

I don't know how I got echo from "fat girl", but sure enough, that was what she was trying to tell us.

After dinner, we played hide and seek, cleaned up and got ready for bed.

I know it seems trivial. Maybe even a little silly.
But, a nice stress-free night after a couple rough weeks felt so comforting.


  1. Do you consider yourself to be a picky eater? It's so tough trying to parent picky or particular eaters (mine's not necessarily picky- he eats a lot of different foods- but whether or not he's going to like any given food at any given moment is completely unpredictable), especially when you're not a picky eater yourself (which I am totally not).

  2. No, I am not a picky eater. I actually spent about 10 years as a vegetarian, well, vegetarian of sorts. I think it started originally as a way to rebel a bit, but, my parents being my parents, embraced it and we started eating more vegetables, fish. I tried vegan for a bit, but missed dairy and hate tofu. I would eat chicken/turkey occasionally - it was never about the animals, just more that I didn't really like red meat (which I still really don't).

    Mike is really picky. Anything with hamburger and potatoes is safe. Which makes dinner a bit tricky. I usually try making something new at least once a week - and everyone has to try it.

    And, David and Kate are the same way - some weeks they like things, some times they don't.

    We have had a vegetable garden the past couple summers, so even if they won't eat green beans they enjoy watching them grow and picking them to eat.

  3. Jen, Do you remember I had the doctor test your blood to make sure you weren't anemic or anything from not eating meat. I did cook a lot more with beans, rice, pasta and vegetables. Not a problem since I don't care that much for red meat and don't eat that much of it. We probably all ate healthier because of you.