Monday, March 26, 2012

What rhymes with inappropriate?

It recently came to our attention that Kate couldn't rhyme.

Sitting at the table, often to keep David and Kate at the table with us while we are eating, we play alphabet games, letter games, rhyming games, etc.

One night while eating and rhyming:

Me: Kate, what rhymes with car?
Kate: Cat!
Me: No, what rhymes with car?
Kate: Um, dog!

Silence filled with David giggling. So, really not silent at all.

Me: Huh. Kate doesn't know how to rhyme.

We spent the remainder of the evening practicing. Sometimes it seemed like she understood, other times she didn't.

And then I did something that has forever changed rhyming in our house.

Me: Kate, what rhymes with moop.
David: Poop!
(Lots of giggling)
Me: What rhymes with me?
David and Kate: Pee!
David: What rhymes with wenis??
Kate: Penis!

Bagina, moobies, and (my personal favorite) put your winger in your what, have become some our favorite rhyming words.

And, Kate has become an excellent rhymer.

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