Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Movie Night

Movie Night Rules:

1. There must be popcorn, soda and juice.
2. Movie picking order: Dad, David, Kate, Mom
3. Absolutely no crying or complaining over the movie choice. Crying gets you sent right to bed and you forfeit your next choice.
4. The movie we watch can not be one we have seen before.
5. Everyone has to be there.

I'm not sure when exactly movie night started, sometime last spring I think.
But, it has become a ritual in our house.

Last night was Kate's night to pick. I thankfully had one bag of popcorn left. It's not a real movie night unless Rule #1 is followed.

Rule #4 came about because we were constantly watching the same movies when it was the kids turns, over and over and over. Kate would choose Caillou Christmas. And, honestly if I had to watch Caillou one more time, I was just going to snap.

It took her about an hour last night to pick. She and I went through Netflix after dinner and watched trailers of anything that sounded good to her. She decided on Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue.

And that's why Rule #3 came into existence. David immediately announced that he wasn't going to watch. I reminded him of the rule.

"That's fine. You can go right to bed and we'll skip you on your next turn."

David decided to watch the fairy movie.

To be honest, I sort of wanted to go to bed too rather than watch Tinkbell rescue anything. But, my turn is next (Rule #2) and picking the movie is a pretty big deal.

Movie night movies are hit or miss. My last pick was Men in Black. We still talk about what a disaster that was.

Tinkbell and the Great Fairy Rescue was a hit. It was a cute movie. Really. Even Mike laughed.

The best part of movie night, of course, is that we all snuggle up on the couch to watch. And share a big bowl of popcorn. And laugh, and cry, or, on occasion, even shout at the tv.


Which is why Rule #5 is the most important.


  1. I hate Caillou. Like I kind of want to punch him, though I am nonviolent and completely wouldn't.

    Rule #3 is brilliant. As is #5.

  2. : )
    Try watching Caillou Cgristmas repeatedly and you might actually turn to violence.