Wednesday, November 25, 2009

how bizarre

David woke up early this morning, screaming my name.

No matter how many times I hear "mom" screamed in the middle of the night, it always wakes me with a start ...

I went downstairs to check on David, he was still half asleep. His face was contorted and upset.

"Did you have a bad dream?" I asked him. Although, I already knew the answer. "Do you want to talk about it?"

He was mumbling, putting words together I didn't understand. I expected the usual bad dream - he was in a funny store and lost me. He's afraid of being alone. Which always strikes me as odd. The kid is obsessed with dinosaurs. One movie we watch, and that he loves, is called "Chased by Dinosaurs" and it is literally about a dude being chased by dinosaurs. You would think this is what would give him nightmares ....

But, I digress.

Where were we ...

Right. So David starts talking about food in a funny magazine. I figure he is still asleep. I laugh. His eyes open with a start, a horrified look crosses his face. "The sausage bit me."

Okay, now I am laughing and can't help myself. I am laughing now typing this. He was so horrified. It just took me by surprise that it was because a sausage bit him.

I am trying hard not to laugh, take his fear seriously. "David, sausages don't eat us, we eat them."

He smiles a little. "It was so long. I don't like them when they are big like that."

"Well, next time you have a bad dream about a big long sausage that bites, how bout you cut up into bite size pieces and eat it up."

He smiles a little, laughs a little.

But, the dream stays with him and he's up a couple times during the night, afraid of the sausage that bit him.

I dream a lot. Almost every night. Events of the day seep into my subconscious, the characters of the book I am reading become my friends, stresses work themselves out or become nightmares. So, what is it that could have possibly triggered such a dream in David?

How bizarre ....


  1. While it is certainly hilarious, it doesn't surprise me too much. Kids at that age still don't completely distinguish reality and fantasy. So it could be related to dinosaurs after all... If a dinosaur could exist- as fantastical as they are- why couldn't a giant biting sausage, right?

  2. Dreams are so "funny". I can still remeber to this day dreaming about witches when I was around 5-6 and being totally scared. Yes,it was a long time ago but must have made such an impression. For a long time i had to sleep with the light on.