Thursday, April 15, 2010

It was a good day

I can't seem to remember what my definition of a "good" day was before David & Kate.
I remember having good days, but somehow it all seems a bit silly.
The importance we put on "things" and "stuff" ...

Some days, in the current way of thinking, a good day consists of:
1. getting dressed
2. eating

Other ways, on other days, it might be an actual event ... sharing an ice cream with Kate, getting everyone to sleep and in bed without any fussing and fighting, playing light sabers with David.

If I can just manage to eek out that one moment during the day where I think in my head "this is what it's (whatever it is that "it" really is) all about, " I usually consider it a good day.

Almost every day, at some point, we talk about our favorite things that happened that day. I started having them occasionally draw a picture (Kate) or write a word (David) on an index card that we've made into a book to illustrate what it was that made that day good. Sometimes its the obvious ... someone came to play, a trip to the playground or library.

.... And, sometimes it's unexpected:

David drew a picture of a person with a light saber.
We didn't play light sabers that day.

He knows, he tells me. But, daddy told him tomorrow was Saturday and they could play light sabers outside because he would be home from work. And, the anticipation of the next day becomes his favorite thing.

And my good day.

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