Saturday, September 10, 2011

I think, therefore I'm scared

David has started kindergarten. Which is tremendous and worthy of it's own blogpost.
Just not today.
Well, not in it's entireity today.

His first day home from school, we talked about school.
Where he sat, and what he learned and what his teacher was like and his classmates.
I asked if he made any new friends.

"No," he said.

The new day home from school was more of the same.

Except for this:

"Oh Mom, I did make a friend yesterday when you asked. Gaby. She rides my bus."

Gaby, a girl.

At dinner he started unexpectedly laughing while eating.
He then recounted some fabulously funny story about Gaby and some glue and some wayward letters.

They sit together on the bus on the way home.

Yesterday, he told us a story about Gaby and her big tv.

Does David have his first crush on a girl?

Somehow this makes him seem so much older than starting kindergarten does.


  1. My godson Maxwell is kind of head-over-heels for one of his Kindergarten classmates, who he first met in daycare last year. It is, indeed, weird. They are so cute together, though.

  2. : )
    I liked your conversation with Maxwell on your blog.

    David does, as he will tell us, have 4 girlfriends. And he seems to understand the concept. Although his girlfriends are my sister-in-law, my other brothers girlfriend, one of my husbands students and a very sweet girl from his preschool class. So, maybe he doesn't understand it as well as I think he does.

    This is the first girl he's really talked about though. Which makes me wonder if this is his first crush of sorts.

    It is very cute.