Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How to know you are clean enough

We recently replaced our hot water heater.

I don't think I realized how far gone our hot water heater had been -- until I took a shower. A nice, long, hot wonderful shower.

I usually try to sneak one in before the kids wake up, but I'm not a morning person and my first thought is "coffee", not "uninterrupted shower". So, showers end up being quick so we can get wherever it is we are going.

So, last week, with our glorious new hot water heater, I was probably taking my time a bit. And both children were awake. The door was open, and I could hear their whispers and giggles.

David came in the bathroom first laughing.

And threw cold water on me in the shower.
(editors note: I may have taught them this trick.)

Kate followed soon after and did the same.

Both missed, and I play acted being cold and appalled.


That might have been a mistake.

What followed next was a steady barrage of cold water.

I decided I was clean enough.

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