Monday, June 11, 2012

Same point, different view

Our house is a cape, which simply means that the kids bedrooms are downstairs, ours is upstairs.

It's nice and not nice. It's nice having some kid free space, but I miss having us all on one floor.

Our first summer in the house, David was just a couple months old. And he would wake up so early in the mornings. We would get him from downstairs and sit him between the two in front of a window at the head of our bed. And he would sit there, content looking up at the trees, while we motivated ourselves to get out of bed.

This morning, David woke up really early. Well, early for me. I told him to get a bit more sleep. He came back about 15 minutes later and climbed into bed with me.

Me: Just 10 more minutes, okay David.
David: okay

He was laying and looking up through the window at the trees. It reminded me of that first summer.

I don't know that a picture would ever really do it justice. The quiet of the moment, the light reflecting off his eyes, the branches of the trees creating a shadow across his face.

But, it's those moments as a parent that you can always recall.

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