Sunday, February 1, 2015

The one where I stress eat swedish fish.

Like, I literally dug through my Wegmans bag as I was walking to my car to get at the Swedish Fish. (Which actually aren't Swedish fish anymore, just red fish. Still delicious though.)

The other day was Kate's birthday. And, it wasn't perfect.

It was a day, like so many others in our household, filled with chaos and frustration and laughter and missing gloves and pants that don't fit and trips to the nurses office and plans that don't go quite as I expect.

Just once, I want to be *that* mom who seemingly has it all together. Who never forgets important things like the right kind of milk for her daughters lunch box on her birthday, who knows exactly where the candles are for the cake, and isn't shopping last minute for presents.

But, it's just not me. And, probably never will be.

So, we will have to settle for less than perfect.

And, that's okay.
As long as there are Swedish fish.

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  1. I think you are a wonderful mom. I was never *that* mom! No comments, please!