Monday, September 7, 2009

I need a montage

I've been in a bit of a funk this week.
Sad to think that the summer is coming to an end.

So, (appropriately) a montage of the good and bad from this summer:

... trips to the zoo, my defunct garden, classes at the little gym for the kids and David learning to do a forward roll on his own, the Sunday that Mom and Rick came for a BBQ, Davids constant whining, blueberry picking that was really raspberry picking (what was that noise?), a visit from Mr. Ox, Citifield and the game ending unassisted triple play, swimming in pop-pops pool, sitting outside with a book, a cold beer and watching the kids play when I should have been weeding (which I did not do once this summer), letter-boxing in the mud through Webster Park, blueberry picking (for real this time) and Kate deciding it was more fun to eat the blueberries than pick them, Museum of Natural History and sitting in Central Park, Kate wanting to constantly be naked (nunie as she says) and the time she pooped all over the house and herself (no, it's not marker), David needing to be naked every time he went in his kiddie pool, David/Mom time at the library sitting on the purple couch learning more about dinosaurs than I ever thought possible, Harry still having trouble potty training, the weekend it took us took us to put together the swing set, lazy rainy days spent inside doing puzzles, teaching David how to eat a slice of pizza, Mike and my dad eating 4lb lobsters, ...

My favorite memory is from the start of the summer, school might not have even been let out yet. It was a sunny day and we had gone to the zoo that morning and come back for a picnic lunch in our backyard. Mike was watering the garden and the kids and puppy were running through the hose. There was something sort of exciting about that day - nothing was planned and we had 10 weeks of vacation ahead of us.


  1. So let me get this straight... wk and I don't get to be in the montage?! I mean I think we deserve to be mentioned in the raspberry picking episode...

  2. Well, implied of course.

    addendum to montage ... the time we went raspberry picking with PJ, WK, Conor and Meredith and listened to the sweet sound of cows being slaughtered ...