Tuesday, September 1, 2009

the Imaginator

We came in from outside today and David rushed Kate and I into his room.
"Get in. Quick. There's something scary. It's a lizard. Quick."

Once we were safely inside, he closed the door. (sigh) "It died."

He opened the door and let us out.

We were getting lunch ready. After lunch, we would be heading to the zoo.

But, again David came scrambling into the kitchen.
"Quick. It's another lizard."

Kate and I made our way to Davids room. Kate was toddling along. I'm not sure if she understood the gravity of the situation.

He closed the door. (sigh) "It died."

No sooner are we out of his room than he sees another scary thing - an eel.

hmmm ....

Are they really scary? (and, more importantly, are we going to be running from eels and lizards all afternoon?) Maybe they are just some misunderstood animals who happened into the hallway. So, I asked David what he thought. Instead of running from the eel we decided to pet it.

It wasn't scary after all! It just looked scary. But, really the eel was quite nice. He gave David a wet eel kiss on his cheek.

We came out into the kitchen to find quite a zoo. David informed Kate and I that there were 4 lizards, 4 eels and 4 tigers playing baseball in the house. The tigers were pitching.

We decided what anyone else in this situation would do - we would take them to the zoo with us and drop them off.

David sort of forgot about them when they got into the stroller, but they have yet to show back up here, so I assume that they are happy at the zoo.

The zoo was fun today. We are enjoying Mike's last week home before the new school year starts again.

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