Monday, March 14, 2011

my favorite thing about the weekends

I always look forward to weekends.
Yes, it's nice to relax.
Yes, it's nice to not be rushing off somewhere.

What's really nice though is having an extra set of hands around the house.
Someone to help with the constant-ness of children.

We have a first floor shower.
During the week, I usually pop on a tv show in the morning for David and Kate so I can quickly shower.
As soon as I get in, it usually starts.
"Mom, I need a drink ..."
"Mom, Kate is bugging me ... "
"Mom, David stole my blanket ... "
"Mom, .... "
"Mom. Mom. Mom."

My response is usually something like, "Can I just have 5 minutes. I will be right out."

Yesterday, Sunday, a lovely weekend day ... I had just stepped in the shower when I heard banging on the door.

Kate: "Mom, I need you. MOM. MOM. I really neeeeeeeeed you."
Me: "What it is Kate?"
Kate: "Can I have some pink milk?"
(this is my favorite part coming up)
Me: "Could you maybe ask Daddy to get it for you Kate? I think he's right in the kitchen."


So. I still get pestered. And that's okay.
But, it's nice to not feel completely responsible, if only for a couple minutes.

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