Thursday, December 15, 2011

Everything I need to know, I learned in Kindergarten

David has been a kindergartener for about 4 months now and it has been amazing to see his growth in such a small time period - his writing has improved, his communication skills, manners.

But I think, as his mother and educator for the past 5 years, what I am most proud of is his increased knowledge of bad words. Each new day has brought something new and unexpected, a moment to cherish as I quickly try to figure out what to say in light of his ever increasing vocabulary.

Just today in the car he told me he knew what the "n-word" bad word was (oh yes, that word). When I asked him where he had heard it, he told me it had been in a song on the bus.

What the fuck. How the hell am I supposed to block him from all the shitty things stupid ass people say. Damn it.

But, I digress ...

I've tried to be as open with him as I can about bad words. Explain what they mean (okay, not all of them), explain how the whole concept of a word that you aren't supposed to say is rather silly, explain how we usually don't say them because they are mean.

I arm him with this knowledge and hope he'll make good decisions.
And send him to school where he continues his education.

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  1. With my older godson, we talked a lot about things like this even when he was a Kindergartener, and he really understood and could handle it. My younger godson is a whole other story: in Kindergarten, he just parrots, so we have to watch what we say. There's no explaining or reasoning with him on this point right now. I'm not sure why that is different.

    At least right now he only rides the bus on the way home from school. Hopefully it minimizes his exposure. At least until he becomes more attuned.

  2. Kate is our parrot.

    (David and Kate singing the name song.)
    David: Kate do duck.
    Kate: okay .... Duck, duck Bo buck, banana-banana fo fuck ...
    David: mom, Kate said a bad word


    The bus has been brutal this year.
    There's an older boy on the bus that has been terrorizing the younger kids.
    We are the last stop too - even though the school is in our backyard.
    I might have to start picking him up from school.