Friday, December 9, 2011

Tales of a smart ass 5 year old

David recently put a sign up on his door with 4 names:


These are the people allowed in his room. We occasionally have Kate's friends over when he is at school and, inevitably because they are kids and he has toys in his room, Kate and her friends will venture into his room to play.

Not a big deal, right?

Well, it is to a 5 year old. So he made the sign and it has been hanging on his door.

Kate really pissed him off today. I'm still not entirely sure what she did. I don't even know that he remembers.

This what the sign looked like this morning:

This evening, I pissed David off.

It's not a very exciting story, but did involve juice being spilled all over his floor.

I was cleaning up the juice and noticed David and Kate whispering.

The sign now looks like this:

It was bed time and we were finishing reading books in Kate's room. I told David it was time for bed.

David: Will you come tuck me in?
Me: I thought I wasn't allowed in your room.
David: It doesn't count for bedtime.

As I closed his door, I noticed a new sign:

A bit hard to read but it says:
Only kids in my room and daddy (written at the top)

It's nice to know it doesn't count for bedtime though.

I have no problems handing the cleaning of his room over to daddy.

He can start with the juice on the carpet.


  1. Sometimes my godson "punishes" us by being silent. He doesn't seem to notice how much we love when he does this.

  2. David does that too - he'll go in his room to pout sometimes and read a book. It's really nice.