Friday, January 27, 2012

Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day

I had mentally decided this year that I wanted to try blogging every day. I try not to call these mental decisions that happen around the first of the new year resolutions - that's just too much pressure. And they just end up broken. Mental decisions is better.

I think every day for me is just overkill though.
I mean, one day talking about how I want to blog every day, but then there's still 364 entries left.

So, you would probably end up with this:

January 10, 2012: Pizza for dinner tonight.
January 11, 2012: Tired from a long day.
January 12, 2012: Stayed in our pajamas all day today.
January 13, 2012: Pizza again for dinner tonight.

Not really exciting.

The truth is that most of our days are spent going through the motions.

Today, Kate had dance in the morning. The library and a quick trip to the YMCA followed. The kids have been bickering all day. At one point, I politely explained that in no way, shape or form was I going to listen to the two of them fight all day. Kate burst into tears and said, "But mom, David has been mad to me all year."

Some days I long for *something* ...

But, all too soon David and Kate will be in school all day and I'll be left wondering where the time went.

So, that's life. At least for now anyways. Slightly dull, but always full.
And more often then not, pizza for dinner.

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