Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Shadow of a Thought

There's this great scene in American Gods, by Neil Gaiman, when the mysterious Mr. Wednesday asks Shadow for a snow storm to distract everyone while he robs a bank (or something like that -- it's been a bit since I've read the book). And Shadow creates a storm, just by thinking it.

I think might have done something like that.

This fall was hard for me.

Lots of changes and me scrambling to keep up and keep it all together.

I remember thinking that I just couldn't handle another winter like last winter -- gray, cold, white.

And so, I think I willed winter away this year.

The sun was shining today and melted most of the snow from this weekend. I didn't even wear a coat. It felt good. I feel good.

And, I just needed this. Not just today, but the past couple months. The snow feels suffocating at times. It becomes a chore to leave the house -- the hats and gloves and boots, brushing off my car, the cold that seeps into your bones. Even if it snows every day for the rest of winter, there's really only a month or so left.

So, the inevitable conclusion is that I am a god. Or at least god-like.

(don't worry, we can still be friends)


  1. I appreciate your efforts in this regard. Now that it's started snowing, I even feel like it's pretty, when normally by this time of year, I'm like, "Ugh. Snow again. I hate life."

  2. Do you have any vibes you want me to send out for the spring?