Sunday, January 29, 2012

Some unexpected wisdom from Elton John

Today is Kate's birthday.

I told her that we could do whatever she wanted today.

During breakfast she made her first proclamation:

Kids are in charge today

The conversation went something like this:
(David wanted to get up from the table, I wanted him to sit)

Kate: It's okay David. You can get up. I've decided that kids are in charge today because it's my birthday.
David: Hey! Yeah! You guys can't say "it's time to clean up now" today.
Kate: And, you two have to do all the cleaning.
David: Even the dishes.
Kate: Because we are in charge.
David: And, I'm going to play video games all day.

And so on.

Lots of whispering and giggling followed.

I've been reminded quite a few times already.

Kate: Remember mom. Kids are in charge today.

I think she likes being charge.

My dad tells me on my birthday every year how he remembers the day I was born like it was yesterday.

Seems hard to believe that Kate is already 4. We like to tease her that she started screaming before she was even really delivered. And then didn't really stop for a year or so.

My dad also tells me how my brothers and I are the best things he's done with his life.

Kate was pretty unexpected.
A world without Kate seems like a pretty sad place though.

I hope you don't mind
(I hope you don't mind)
That I put down in words
How wonderful life is while you're in the world
- actual wisdom from Elton John, Elton John - your song

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